About me

  My profession is my big hobby, so after studying like Interior  Designer and work between Madrid and Barcelona, and after moving to Bergen (Norway) I decided to start this blog to share with everyone my passion, my opinions, pictures and write about  decoration , interiors ,architecture… and many other things. I hope you enjoy it with me.

Mi profesión es mi gran hobby, por eso después de  estudiar Interiorismo y ejercer la profesión entre Madrid y Barcelona, y tras trasladarme a Bergen (Noruega) decido empezar este blog para compartir con todos vosotros mi gran pasión, mis comentarios, imágenes y hablar de decoración, interiorismo, arquitectura… y muchas más cosas. Espero que lo disfruteis conmigo.

For more info about my professional career: Curriculum Vitae

Para más información acerca de mi carrera professional: Curriculum Vitae

1 Response to About me

  1. Adelheid says:

    Very nice blog, I would like to stay at the Mandarina hotel in Barcelona! 🙂
    I wish you good luck with your work in Bergen, and I shall spread the word and your blog as often as I find it suitable.
    Best, Adelheid in StormGeo

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